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EcoSMART | Organic Insect Repellent


To spread awareness of the EcoSMART brand through multiple platforms including experiential opportunities; to create awareness and drive traffic to new retailers across the country; to test the lotion format of the Organic Insect Repellent; to gather market research on brand awareness and consumer preferences.


Näkturnal organized a cross country tour for EcoSMART where Brand Ambassadors sampled an EcoSMART test product, executed market research, and created online content.

Scope of Work:

  • Assisted in developing theme and objective of the tour
  • Hired and trained (2) Brand Ambassadors to execute the tour
  • Researched and developed itinerary of cities, dates, and appropriate events to attend
  • Managed design and execution of branded vehicle wrap
  • Researched, designed and purchased tour materials
  • Developed Survey on Polldaddy
  • Designed and created promotional business card driving traffic to EcoSMART online properties
  • Designed, created, and managed tour specific blog linked to original EcoSMART blog
  • Provided daily blog articles from the the Brand Ambassadors on tour
  • Provided daily photos and videos shared on their blog and Facebook page
  • Provided multiple daily Facebook and twitter status updates


The tour visited 13 cities in 58 days from New York to Los Angeles distributing 34,000 samples and conducting 450 surveys. EcoSMART utilized survey results to adjust product development. The EcoSMART brand also significantly increased their online following and interactions on their blogs and social networks.

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