Näkturnal teamed up with The Chair, a ten part Starz reality series pitting two young film directors, working with the same script, against each other in a meticulously documented film competition. The premise was great, but nobody knew it existed. Näkturnal’s chief goal was to reach college aged students in Pittsburgh and State College who would be able to identify with the struggling young directors of the series. We knew that if they were aware of the series that their curiosities would naturally encourage downloads. To spread the hype Näkturnal performed a number of guerrilla marketing tactics, such as chalking sidewalks, mass poster distribution, media projections, and employing street teams to incorporate hand-to-hand distribution of other promotional items for the series. Näkturnal’s sister organization also opened a media partnership with The Chair hosting ad space leading up to the premiere.

Our Client

The Chair

What we did

Managed Poster Distribution / Activated Street Team Promotions / Executed Sidewalk Chalking / Video Projection Coordination

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